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2018  Seminar  Speakers' Bios

LaWayne Perkins has an extensive history in Patient Centered Healthcare, currently serving as National Project Manager with Advantage Support Services. Perkins embodies a leadership model that is process driven and result oriented with a strong emphasis on collective efforts to achieve maximum productivity. He continuously demonstrates superior executive ability under a variety of circumstances and effectively controls cost through economical utilization of personnel, materials, and equipment.

Golden West chapter.

Rose was one of the Who's Who in Infection Prevention in 2006 by Infection Control Today. Ms. Seavey is the author of the book tilted Sterile Processing In Healthcare Facilities: Preparing for Accreditations Surveys, published by AAMI and she serves on several AAMI committees writing standards.

Perkins has been extremely successful in leadership positions in both the private and public healthcare sectors. He served several years at the New York University College of Dentistry in various roles leading up to lead Clinical Manager. As Clinical Manager, Perkins was responsible for 160 pre-and post-dental students, their educational competencies and also carried responsibilities in patient charting and debt reconciliation. Under his leadership as Director at Valhalla, a Level 1 Trauma Center, he successfully managed an inventory valuing over 4 million dollars. During this time, the staff became 100% certified, he developed, introduced and implemented a 3-step quality assurance process that reduced compromised sets drastically, while simultaneously teaching an on-site weekend certification course for individuals wanting to work in the Sterile Processing field. The 3-Step process resulted in Perkins co-authoring an article in Infection Control Magazine. LaWayne has conducted process and quality assessments in hospitals of various sizes and in many states. LaWayne has also served on a number of professional committees throughout his time in healthcare including Infection Control, Operating Room Management, and the Greening Committee. As a committee member, he demonstrates the same accuracy, diligence and pride in performing assignments as he does in his occupation. Mr. Perkins is a true example of transformative leadership and a rarity amongst his peers. LaWayne Perkins is an avid mentor to many peers in the healthcare industry and is a cost saving advocate and promotes the model of team building and service excellence.

Angela has 20 years of experience in operating rooms as a surgical nurse and in SPD as: a licensed nurse, a certified sterilization technician and a certified sterilization manager and leader. She is an approved IAHCSMM instructor and serves as a voting member of AAMI on the committee working groups for AAMI ST Working Group 40 for Standard 79: “Steam Sterilization” and AAMI ST Working Group 90 for Standard for “Quality Systems”. Angela contributes to IAHCSMM's On Line Journal:

LaWayne Perkins
Sponsor: Advantage Support Services, Inc.

Don Garrison is a Clinical Field Trainer at PREZIO Health, a national instrument repair company, as well as a certified IAHCSMM instructor. Don travels the country conducting education with PREZIO Health instrument repair customers, aimed at decreasing unnecessary repairs and improving patient outcomes. Don frequently represents PREZIO Health at IAHCSMM chapter education sessions and has presented topics around instrument care and
Don Garrison
Sponsor: Prezio Health

Cheron Rojo
Sponsor: Healthmark

Rose Seavey
Sponsor: Bioseal

Central Source as the writer for the “Educator Update” column. Angela and her team of Subject Matter Experts motivation are to provide tools to facilities and technicians in the OR and SPD to help improve patient outcomes, add to the SPD's base knowledge and increase performance levels, with a focus in quality assurances. The education is implemented online and on site via teams of SME's.

Rose Seavey is President/CEO of Seavey Healthcare Consulting and formerly the Director of the Sterile Processing Department at The Children's Hospital of Denver. Rose served on the AORN board of directors and is a past President ASHCSP. She received numerous awards such as AORN's award for Mentorship in 2012 and Outstanding Achievement in Nurse Education in 2001. In addition, she received the national 2013 IAHCSMM award of Honor, the Industry Leadership Award from the Massachusetts chapter and the educator of the year award from the

Instrument Coordinator in a Periop department. Facilitates all repairs for in-house and off-site clinic in a healthcare setting, supporting data for new trays, devices, and instrumentation. Facilitates all new trays in circulation and all consignment and in-house trays and implants. Educator of Sterile Processing, facilitating the Certification Class for Sterile Processing Technicians. Speaks across the country on Sterile Processing related issues, specializing in communication between the Surgical and Sterile Processing departments.

David Jagrosse has 25+ years of experience in CSSD/SPD as Technician, Supervisor, and Manager. He is the current CSS Manager at Middlesex Hospital. David certified through the IAHCSMM. CRCST. CHL. He is the Communications Officer (1998-2000) Vice President (1998-2000), Vice President (2006-2008),

2009-2013 President of the Connecticut Central Service Association.  David is an active voting member of the AAMI Standards Work Group 40 (ST:79) that develops guidelines within CSSD. He is the President of David Jagrosse Consulting LLC offering educational presentations, published articles and consultant services to CSS/OR audiences throughout the world. Presentations in China, Singapore, Thailand, Germany, France, United Arab Emirates, Japan, India, Canada, Australia, South Korea. 25 average presentations annually in the US.

David Jagrosse
Sponsor: One Source
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Angela Lewellyn
Sponsor: Advantage Support       Services, Inc.

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handling at previous IAHCSMM National Conference events.

Don served 35 years in the surgical instrument business from all across the U.S. Focused on sales, service and education to hospitals, teaching institutions, and surgical centers in all areas of surgical instruments used by Specialty Surgeons, Operating Room staff and Sterile Processing Departments for both civilian and military hospitals.

After flying for 6 years active duty with the USAF he flew with the USAF Reserves and retired in 1995 with the rank of Major having flown over 5,000 hours in many types of military & civilian aircraft. He holds the FAA Flight Instructor Certificate while conducting educational seminars and field training for PREZIO Health on a national basis.

Don obtained his BA in Business Management in 1971 from the University of Tulsa. Don obtained his MBA in Business Administration in 1980 from the University of South Dakota. He and his family reside in Georgetown, TX .
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Penny Sabrosky
Sponsor: Kem Medical Products Corp.
Penny Sabrosky has had a career in Sterile Processing over a span of three decades. She began working as a Central Sterile Processing technician at Sparrow hospital while attending Michigan State University. She received her Bachelor of Science in Microbiology but never made it to the lab setting. Her intriguing love for the filed of CS

and her Microbiology degree enabled her to work in many positions on the National, and State societies. While President of the American Society for Healthcare Central Service, she was integral in the merging of the two societies, ASHCSP and IAHCSMM in 2007. They are now one strong organization representing our voices. As a Manager of several departments, she has remodeled over 10 Central Service departments including the construction of an offsite sterilization department for a major organization. Penny is currently an independent consultant and works for Kemmed Medical Products Corporation in Education and Sales.

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Don Garrison
Sponsor: Prezio Health
Brandon VanHee
Sponsor:  Key Surgical .
Brandon VanHee is the Clinical Education Manager for Key Surgical.  He plays an active role in promoting infection prevention best practices in sterile processing and flexible endoscope reprocessing around the globe.  Most recently, Brandon has worked to identify and promote emerging technologies in flexible endoscope drying and storage.
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